29th April 2018

ABOUT Sustensis

Sustensis website is managed by myself, Tony Czarnecki. The name ‘Sustensis’ relates to the original company, a Management Consultancy, which I set up in 1994 and was its Managing Partner for over 25 years. The company was focused on Business Sustainability – long-term sustainable business growth. The knowledge that Sustensis has accumulated over that time, in particular its methodologies, has become the foundation for the Sustensis Research Centre for Business Sustainability. Its resources are available for unrestricted use for the research purposes.

Over the last 10 years I have applied the metaphor that described Sustensis’s business objective “Helping companies to survive for ever?” into a global context as: “Helping Humanity to survive for ever?”. This follows my wide range of interests such as politics, technology, futurism, science or culture, which have given me the necessary insight into exploring complex subjects related to the future of Humanity. I have discussed them in my recent book: Who could save Humanity from Superintelligence? – European Union, NATO or… China

Today, Sustensis has become a Think Tank, which aims to provide inspirations, suggestions and solutions for the transition of Humanity to the time when it will have to coexist with Superintelligence.

My main objective is to invite people who feel affinity with the main theme of this site, to contribute to the debate that is already taking place. There is quite a wide range of subjects covered here, after all it is about Humanity. I had to include them even if they are covered very superficially for consistency, and to provide as far as it is possible, a holistic view on what we are as humans versus Superintelligence. However, even if some of the problems discussed here may be too far away from your interests, I hope you will still find topics that will be worth reading, and on which you may wish to leave your comments.

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