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Sustensis is a Think Tank providing inspirations, suggestions, and solutions for the period of Humanity’s transition to the time when it will coexist with Superintelligence. It proposes to start that process with an urgent reform of democracy based on new Universal Values of Humanity, promoting a planetary, rather than a national outlook, and evolving the most mature organisation, such as the European Union, into a Human Federation.

The posts and entries are archived and continuously updated under the main tabs and there is a comprehensive SEARCH facility. The links will lead you mainly to other pages on this website, to justify certain judgements or proposals or to provide explanatory information.

The contents is provided mainly by myself and other collaborators. I am a futurist, a member of Chatham House and London Futurists, having spent most of my life working world-wide as a consultant for large global companies. I have also lectured on postgraduate courses at the University of London and Universities in Central Europe and wrote many articles on the subjects covered by this website.

In 1994, I founded SUSTENSIS, a Management Consultancy focused on Business Sustainability, which tried to answer this question: “How can companies survive for ever?”, obviously not literally. During that time, I was helped by over 50 partners.

Over the last 10 years I have been immersed in an entirely new domain – Artificial Intelligence. Since then, I have gradually adapted the Sustensis’s metaphor to a global context: “How can Humanity survive for ever?” That has led to converting Sustensis into a Think Tank on Humanity’s transition to coexistence with Superintelligence. My wide range of interests, in futurism, politics, technology, science and culture, gave me the necessary insight into exploring complex subjects discussed in my books:

Who could save Humanity from Superintelligence?” and in the three books of the POSTHUMANS Series: “Federate to Survive!“, Democracy for a Human Federation” and “Becoming a Butterfly“.

Three of the books form the POSTHUMANS series.

The first one – ‘Federate to Survive!’ is about WHAT are the existential risks that threaten our survival as a human species.

The second book “Democracy for a Human Federation” continues from where the previous volume ended, proposing HOW we can survive existential threats. I postulate that the most urgent need for a successful control over the development of AI is a deep reform of democracy, and the formation of a Human Federation – the World Government, which would have the best chance of creating a benevolent Superintelligence.

The recently published “Becoming a Butterfly” is the final book in the series, which puts a question WHO we my become after 2050, assuming we will survive existential threats. If we unintentionally create a malicious Superintelligence, it may make us extinct in a few decades. However, if we do it right, Superintelligence will not only protect us from existential risks but also create unimaginable prosperity in the world of peace, and endless possibilities for human self-fulfilment.

This unimaginable future may be open to us in the second half of this century. Will we, or should we, if we still have control over our future at that time, become Posthumans? Where should we be going to? Is it possible to continue our evolution as biological beings, or are we at the end of the road? Perhaps it is for the very first time in the history of the Universe, that a species has actually asked itself such questions. We are at the crossroads of the evolution and we still have a choice. What will chrysalis develop into? Will it become a butterfly (perhaps a Posthuman) or something entirely different?

The books’ agenda for Humanity’s Transition to its Coexistence with Superintelligence is supported by this website. I invite experts in various domains of knowledge to join me in making this site relevant to people interested in certain aspects of human progress in the context of evolving Artificial Intelligence to ensure that when it emerges as Superintelligence, it will become our friend rather than foe. If you are a member of NGO, you may be interested in how you can align and strengthen your agenda with some of the proposals put forward on this site.

Anyone interested in an introduction to the subjects discussed on this website may wish to view the videos of my lectures and presentations .

This website observes the principles of the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and you can view its content here.

Tony Czarnecki


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