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Our website uses the Structured Content Debating approach developed by Sustensis in 2015. It can be used for debating complex political, social, scientific or economic problems. On this website it is focused on minimizing the risk of developing a malicious Superintelligence, which requires a global co-operation.

Similarly, as in a book, the Content (in this case – the problem area, i.e. how to minimize the risk of developing a malicious Superintelligence ) is described in chapters. As you move from left to right, the numbered top level tabs describe the problem in more detail. The last sub-tabs in each top level tab, cover Inspirations – ideas and potential actions related to the subject in the heading.

Another principle applied on this website is that as you go down the tab level, more detailed information is provided.

Furthermore, the top level tabs are grouped in three major areas: Left – Humanity’s Problems (Evolution or Extinction, Superintelligence, etc.); the middle tabs cover the means to mitigate various risks as Processes , e.g. Democracy and Federalization; and on the very right they define the Outcome – Coexisting with Superintelligence in the Posthuman era.

Any visitor who needs to copy any information from this site is free to do so, provided he quotes the contributors’ name.

Comments can be made by anyone without the need to register. Each post or an article is continuously updated. T

If you are interested in finding  a more detailed information please use the SEARCH facility.

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