30th April 2018

The structure of the site

The site is split into to broad areas reflecting its two purposes:

  1. Spreading the awareness of existential risks coming from Global Disorder and Superintelligence, which are covered by the two top tabs. The topics included there provide only encyclopedic knowledge. For those requiring deeper understanding of the problems covered here, there are links to relevant Internet sites or to my book: “Who could save Humanity from Superintelligence? – European Union, NATO or… China”, as an overall guide.
  2. Inspiring and providing suggestions for influencers and decision makers for the ‘New World Order’ which will have to establish in order to coexist with Superintelligence. This is covered by four top tabs: Democracy, World Government,  European Federation and Global Wealth. This is the core of this website, which continues to expand with contributions from various authors as comments or entries on the blog.

The content of the site is largely my own. However, there are also comments and contributions by other authors, of which some have been entered into the main tabs. In such case, they will be clearly identified by the author’s name. Comments can be made by anyone, even if he has not registered on this site via LOGIN.

The principle applied on this website is that as you go down the tab levels, more detailed information is provided.

Any visitor who needs to copy any information from this site is free to do it, provided he quotes the contributors’ name.

The last two sub-tabs in each top level tab are Evidence – for gathering evidence related to the subject in the heading and Inspirations – for gathering ideas related to the subject in the heading.

This website observes the principles of the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and you can view its content here:

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