The launching of FUTURESURGE – an important global movement on Humanity’s coexistence with AI

London, 18 September 2022

Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner, Sustensis

Recently, a new Think Tank FutureSurge, which aspires to become a global movement or a party, was launched in London. It is completely in line with Sustensis mission: Inspiration for Humanity’s transition to its coexistence with Superintelligence and of course it has our utmost support. The programme is largely based on the book Vital Foresight by David Wood, a well-known futurist and chairman of 10,000 members London Futurists organization. Similarly, as Sustensis, FutureSurge is focused on ensuring that the maturing Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates unimaginable world of super wellness rather than becoming the last human invention. Its core message is that in the world of ever accelerating, nearly exponential pace of change, there must be an immediate surge of people’s support from all over the world to establish a global control over the development of AI. It must be similar in scale to controlling the global warming. Global action on climate change started only when the scientists agreed that 2030 is the tipping point for climate change. The only criterium that must be met to avoid a global catastrophe is to limit the rise in average global temperature to 1.5C.

Similarly, to get the world’s attention to a potential existential danger of AI we must set a tipping point date for a global control of AI even if it is not scientifically proven but just quite likely. That tipping point date for AI is also 2030.

Of course, global control over AI development is far more complex than climate change and will impact human’s future much earlier. If properly developed, it can deliver the world of peace and greatest prosperity in human history. However, if there isn’t such a global control over AI by 2030, it may literally lead to humans’ extinction even within this century. You can view Tony Czarnecki’s presentation “Will 2030 be a tipping point for Artificial Intelligence?“, to learn more about why it is so important to set up such a date.

If you would like to join FutureSurge debate and become a member, please visit this website. You will find there a lot of information on AI, its already visible impact on almost any sphere of our life, and justification for the need of a global action to ensure a prosperous future for Humanity.