AI Agent discusses if Boris John should resign

AI Agent discusses if Boris John should resignif he admits he has lied to the ParliamentAn interview with GPT-3 AI agent


AI agent interviewed by: Tony Czarnecki (TC), Sustensis,


This interview has been carried out with Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), now also known as INSTRUCT, is an Artificial Intelligence agent, one of the most advanced Natural Language Processors (NLP) supported by 175 billion tokens (words, split into 3-4 characters bits), created by Open-AI in July 2020. Its database includes all Wikipedia and millions of articles and reliable sources of information from all knowledge domains. To use it, one must adjust the GPT-3 to particular needs. That includes the creation of a few sentences’ context PROMPT (a statement or a question), to which GPT-3 writes a COMPLETION. Others include setting several parameters, such as TEMPERATURE (probability of selecting a given token), which may affect the quality of the answers.

TC: Boris Johnson’s future as prime minister is hanging in the balance amid widespread calls for him to resign. Allegations of lockdown-breaking social gatherings held in No 10 and other Whitehall departments have rocked Downing Street in recent weeks – and the prime minister is now facing calls from his own backbenchers to step down. Mr Johnson has disregarded calls for his resignation, insisting that an inquiry into the allegations conducted by Sue Gray should conclude before further action is taken. Should Boris Johns resign even if he admits he has lied to the Parliament?

AI: There is no easy answer to this question. If Boris Johnson resigns after admitting that he lied to the Parliament, he would be admitting that he is not fit to be the prime minister. This could damage his reputation and may make it difficult for him to continue his political career. However, if he does not resign, he could face further pressure from his own party members and the public to step down.

TC: Would it then be better for the Conservative Party that Johnson resign right now or later on but before the next election?

AI: If Boris Johnson resigns now, it would give the Conservative Party the opportunity to choose a new prime minister. This could help the Conservative Party to win the next election. However, if Boris Johnson does not resign and the Conservative Party loses the next election, it could be seen as a sign of dissatisfaction with Boris Johnson as the prime minister.