AGI by 2030


This whole tab contains most relevant parts of the book ‘Prevail or Fail – Taking Control Over AI Before Its Starts Controlling Us‘ by Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner of Sustensis. The book will be available in May 2023. You you can leave your comments in the comments section below but you may also visit London Futurists FutureSurge Discord Site to participate in a continuous discussion.

I assume, with a growing number of AI researchers, that by 2030 we may have an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Paul Pallaghy, the proponent of Natural Language Understanding theory, is one of the AI researchers who predicts that AGI will arrive much earlier – in 2024. My estimate is perhaps more realistic, and close to those ones like Ray Kurzweil, probably one of the best-known futurists, who predicts that AGI will emerge by 2029, rather than in a few decades from now, as many AI researchers still maintain.

AGI will be a self-learning intelligence capable of solving any task better than any human in any situation. If that task is to get out of human control, AGI will be capable of achieving that by 2030, if no urgent decisions are made nor necessary measures implemented. Once AGI is beyond our control, it will fight against any attempt to reimpose such a control. Assuming nearly exponential improvement in its capabilities, humans will definitely lose that fight with potentially catastrophic consequences, leading in an extreme case to human species extinction.

This whole section of the Sustensis website explores various means and measures that may have to be implemented very fast to extend our control over AGI, so that we can better prepare for the time we will coexist with it as a benevolent partner and a future master.


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