What next after the AI Safety Summit?

As we enter the New Year, I want to share a dose of optimism with you since optimism breeds success while pessimism generally increases the chance of failure. But pessimism is more common than optimism since it triggers either the fighting or escape mode in any living creature, including of course humans, increasing the chances of survival.

Based on some current tendencies we can see the first signs of a very optimistic outcome if we survive the next 10 years relatively unscathed. A wonderful world may emerge from today’s extraordinary chaos. If these positive trends continue and get reinforced, then our future looks really great. So, if you are young, stay healthy and know that after 2030 most of your financial worries will be much smaller than today. Therefore, for example, buy an apartment. If you are retired, take care of your health, to be able to live in a reasonably good health until 2030 because afterwards you can expect to live in good health for many decades to come. 

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