Mentoring in the world of exponential change

This is an extract from the Regents Alumni Magazine from October 2018 about Tony Czarnecki’s mentoring experince at the Regents’ University. Please click below to download the full PDF document:

Tony Czarnecki, mentor at the Regent’s University, Managing Partner of Sustensis

I have been mentoring for over a decade, initially at UCL and for the last several years at the Regent’s University London. The reason why I started my mentoring ‘career’ was that it was simply an extension of my management consultancy practice. Mentoring for me is similar in some respect to consulting. However, there is also a key difference. In consulting, the object is usually a business and the objective is to provide advice on a continuous business success. In mentoring, the subject is a young person like you, reading this article, and the objective is sharing the mentor’s experience in discussing various options that you may wish to consider in your professional career. That is of course important. After all, your professional career may determine your capability to fulfil your key life goals. But for most people their job is a means to an end, and not an end goal. So, how do you combine your first job, and the ones after that with your career development over the rest of your life?…..