AI Agent discusses What is the most likely outcome of the war in Ukraine?

An interview with GPT-3 AI agent


AI agent interviewed by: Tony Czarnecki (TC), Sustensis,


This interview has been carried out with Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), now also known as INSTRUCT, is an Artificial Intelligence agent, one of the most advanced Natural Language Processors (NLP) supported by 175 billion tokens (words, split into 3-4 characters bits), created by Open-AI in July 2020. Its database includes all Wikipedia and millions of articles and reliable sources of information from all knowledge domains. To use it, one must adjust the GPT-3 to particular needs. That includes the creation of a few sentences’ context PROMPT (a statement or a question), to which GPT-3 writes a COMPLETION. Others include setting several parameters, such as TEMPERATURE (probability of selecting a given token), which may affect the quality of the answers.

TC: Ukraine shares borders with both the EU and Russia, but as a former Soviet republic it has deep social and cultural ties with Russia, and Russian is widely spoken there. Russia has long resisted Ukraine’s move towards European institutions, and NATO in particular. When Ukrainians deposed their pro-Russian president in early 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine’s southern Crimean peninsula and backed separatists who captured large swathes of eastern Ukraine. The rebels have fought the Ukrainian military ever since in a conflict that has claimed more than 14,000 lives. Russia denies it’s planning any invasion, but it has seized Ukrainian territory before and it has an estimated 100,000 troops deployed near its borders. What is the solution to the Ukrainian crisis?

AI: The Ukrainian government, the EU, and the United States all agree that the only solution to the Ukrainian crisis is a negotiated settlement between the Ukrainian government and the separatists. However, the separatists have repeatedly refused to negotiate, and Russia has backed them up, saying that they are not legitimate representatives of the Ukrainian people. The United States and the EU have both imposed sanctions on Russia in an attempt to get it to back down, but they have not been successful.

TC: But if Russia invades Ukraine, what should the WEST do?

AI: If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States and the EU should impose stronger sanctions on Russia, including economic sanctions and sanctions on Russian energy exports. The United States and NATO should also provide military assistance to the Ukrainian government.

TC: What specific economic sanctions should the West impose on Russia?

AI: The United States and the EU should impose economic sanctions on Russia that would prohibit Russian banks from accessing Western financial markets, would restrict Russian energy companies from doing business in the West, and would ban exports of military and dual-use technology to Russia.

TC: What the you think is the most likely outcome of the current stalemate about the Ukraine?

AI: The most likely outcome of the current stalemate about the Ukraine is that the situation will continue to deteriorate, with the separatists gaining more ground and the Ukrainian government losing more territory. Russia may also continue to support the separatists with money, weapons, and troops, making a negotiated settlement increasingly difficult.