Why ChatGPT has made the need for AI control even more urgent?

Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner, Sustensis,

Image generated by Dal-E by Tony Czarnecki

London, 23/12/2022

The incredible pace of discoveries and innovations in AI in 2022 raise the question about how long humans will be in control of AI and indirectly of their own future. It seems quite likely that we are approaching a pivotal moment when AI will indirectly control many decisions that we make. That is already happening on social media where the choices people made are quite often dictated by hidden AI algorithms. For now, we do not feel it, thinking it was our decision rather than that we have been progressively primed into making such a decision. Gradually such control will extend over large sways of our lives in a subliminal way, until the day when and our conscious contrary decision may be very difficult to make because either it would be very costly or simply impossible. That process will progress from the control of an individual to the control of larger groups through to national and ultimately global level.

The arrival of ChatGPT3 is a big step in that direction, which has shown how unprepared our civilisation is to control AI. Read more