The Death of Death

25th August 2023

The scientific possibility of physical immortality and its moral defense

An extraordinary book by Jose Cordeiro and David Wood

Sustensis has been mainly engaged in a civilisation transition enabled by Artificial Intelligence, which, if properly controlled, can deliver immense blessings to humans, including in the area of medicine and life extension. One of us, David Wood, who is a member of Sustensis Advisory Board together with Jose Cordeiro, have published a book ‘The Death of Death’ which has been translated into nearly 20 languages, such as Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German. This is a significantly edition, since as those who visit Sustensis website know, the pace of change is now nearly exponential and a lot has happened in the area of medicine since its first edition in 2018.

As the authors say, immortality has been humanity’s greatest dream since prehistory. Even children understand that aging is bad, that death is the most horrible loss that can happen to them and their family. Fortunately, the children of the present generation can belong to the first generation of immortal humans. We must be aware that we live between the last mortal, and the first immortal generation.

This book has been a journey of discovery for me in many ways, although I have been interested in the subject for many years. First of all, apart from reporting on the causes of aging and discoveries on reversing an aging body to a younger state it also covers various methods such as gene replacement, or cryogenics. Furthermore, it discusses societal implications of regeneration medicine on millions of people who will quite quickly become metabolically younger by a few decades. Finally, it examines the economics of this unprecedented development of the human history both in personal terms (how much it will cost) and how it will impact the overall cost of maintaining a healthy society.

I hope you will be enjoying reading the book as much as I have.

Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner, Sustensis

London, 25th August 2023