Management Team

The Management Team and the Advisory Board manage both Sustensis and Euro Agora website.

Tony Czarnecki Managing Partner

Tony Czarnecki

Tony is a futurist, a member of the Chatham House and London Futurists. He spent most of his life working world-wide as a consultant for large global companies. In 1994, he founded SUSTENSIS, a Management Consultancy focusing on Business Sustainability, which tried to answer the question: “How can companies survive for ever?”, obviously not literally. During that time, he has been helped by over 50 partners. Apart from setting up Sustensis, he also co-founded in 2004 – Symbiosa Ltd – a financial sector research company. In 2012 Sustensis was converted into a Think Tank on Humanity’s transition to coexistence with Superintelligence.

Tony has lectured on postgraduate courses at Universities in Central Europe and the University of London where he has also been a mentor for postgraduate students. He is the author of six books on AI: “Who could save Humanity from Superintelligence?”, “Federate to Survive!“, “Democracy for a Human Federation” and “Becoming a Butterfly – Extinction or Evolution? Will Humans Survive Beyond 2050? “ “2030- Towards the Big Consensus… Or loss of control over our future“, His most recent book, released in July 2023 is “Prevail or Fail: A Civilisational Shift to the World of Transhumans“.

Tony provides most of the contents of the website supported by other collaborators.

Dr Bruce Lloyd – Member of the Advisory Bord

Dr Bruce Lloyd, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management, London South Bank University. Spent over 20 years in industry and finance before joining the academic world thirty years ago to help establish the Management Centre at what is now London South Bank University. Since the late 1960’s he has written extensively (about 200 published articles) on a wide range of strategy/futures related issues. Bruce is a member of Chatham House and London Futurists.

Dr David Wood – Member of the Advisory Bord

Dr David Wood, Chair of London Futurists. Spent 25 years as a pioneer of the mobile computing and smartphone industries, including co-founding Symbian in 1998 – the creator of the world’s first successful smartphone operating system. The author or lead editor of ten books about the future, including Smartphones and Beyond, The Abolition of Aging, Sustainable Superabundance, and Vital Foresight. Board Director of the Institute or Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET).

Dr. Antonio Di Fenza AI Control and Transhumanism

Antonio is a creative and critical thinker, a Ph.D. graduate from Cornell University with focus on incorporating AI into various areas of human activity. He weaves technological and cultural threads into multidimensional aspects of AI-driven human evolution. This focuses on the creation of first Transhumans, initially selected from the most advanced AI companies to control AI ‘from inside’ like in this article. His long-term goal is to help usher in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), our gate to the Singularity.

As a futurist, he tracks the development of AI and teaches at seminars on various aspects of AI, educating people about the new frontiers of AI and creativity.