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Sustensis is a Think Tank providing inspirations, suggestions, and solutions for the period of Humanity’s transition to the time when it will coexist with Superintelligence. It proposes to start that process with an urgent reform of democracy based on new Universal Values of Humanity, promoting a planetary, rather than a national outlook, and evolving the most mature organisation, such as the European Union, into a Human Federation.

Our website uses the Structured Content Debating approach developed by Sustensis in 2015. It can be used for debating complex political, social, scientific or economic problems. On this website it is focused on minimizing the risk of developing a malicious Superintelligence, which requires a global co-operation. Similarly, as in a book, the Content (in this case – the problem area) is described in chapters. As you move from left to right, the numbered top level tabs describe the problem in more detail. You can access the content and leave comments without registering. However, to make standalone posts or article, you need to register.

The posts and entries are archived and continuously updated under the main tabs and there is a comprehensive SEARCH facility. The links will lead you mainly to other pages on this website, to justify certain judgements or proposals, or to provide explanatory information.

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