28th April 2018

Which Democracy?

The world needs a powerful World Government but there is no way, such an institution can be created quickly. Therefore, the future European Federation is proposed to take a de facto role of such an institution, which would include most, but not all countries, e.g. Russia or China. Which democratic system could take into account the problems Humanity is facing right now and, equally importantly, in the near future? From the review of the existing democratic systems, it is obvious that there is no democracy, which would support the purpose and the main objectives of guiding Humanity safely through the period of extreme risks. Therefore, what is proposed here is a new type of democracy, called Consensual Presidential Democracy, which will be able to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. To facilitate the federalization process of the EU, as the best currently available organisation that could act as a de fact World Government
  2. To apply only a very shallow level of federalisation, so that it will centralize only the very essential powers, leaving the rest of decisions making at the lowest possible level of governance
  3. To significantly reshape the relationships between the governed and the governing instilling more trust through a greater transparency and continual accountability
  4. To protect Humanity from existential risks that may emerge from global political, social and economic disorder through combinatorial effects
  5. To protect Humanity from other existential risks, especially coming from Superintelligence
  6. To prepare Humanity for the time when we will coexist with Superintelligence, which potentially could start the best period in human history (if we mitigate the risks successfully)
  7. To prepare Humanity for even more challenging task – a gradual merging of our species with Superintelligence.

Such a new style of democracy may have a better chance of supporting the new European Federation and indeed any other organization, or a state, that would take on the role of the World Government and withstand even more severe challenges than those to which the EU may be exposed in the near future.

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